Mo-Kan Bracket Series plus the Summit Super Series!

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Re: Mo-Kan Bracket Series plus the Summit Super Series!

Postby rt66jim on Sat Jan 25, 2014 10:38 pm

Well stated Jim.
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Re: Mo-Kan Bracket Series plus the Summit Super Series!

Postby amcamx on Tue Jan 28, 2014 12:48 pm

They do allow automated shifters in No-E.
Years ago at Lawrence, the Bike I was racing, would Fishtail, back and forth off the line. Darrel asked me, how is Traction, and I said, that it is all I can do, to keep it off the Guardrail. He laughed.
As racing went on, I Fishtailed my way, through round, after round, until the Final.
Hmm?? Something must be going on, as the Class is in the Tower.
Then, I hear over the PA system, that there was a problem with the clocks, and the Bike class would be run over again. How could that happen?
So, I Fishtailed my way through the rounds again, and was waiting for the Final. By now, the Class is about ready for a padded room. When my win light came on in the Final, they were ready.
Some racers think that you need Electronics, to do well in Bracket racing. Could be the same ones, that think you need Traction.
Now that I have got the oil sucking Dog to bite, I cannot do any good at all. I need to go back to, Spin for the Win.
Well, you know the old saying. If you cannot beat them on the track, Psyche them out in the pits.
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