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Racing Engines

Postby Josh&Jessie on Tue May 20, 2014 9:36 am

This is how it should always be...
In a sport of tricks, the know how, and science my wife and I found ourselves with a drag car. Not knowing s*** from shineola, we dove right in learning everything twice over the hard way. When you’re trying to make a gain in speed or ET, you better have more than a few great mentors. Or do it like we did at first and spend a s*** ton of money to go slower. Listen to all the roundy rounder’s, buy all the cheap parts that they swear upon, and then find out they will fail and break more things when they go and then end up watching everyone else go fast all year while you sit at home or in the stands! This is where we were once upon a time.
Then you decide to hit up a Race shop hoping you won’t get screwed to the ceiling on a bill that you can’t afford just to find out the place you took it to has bent everyone in the four states over at least once! Just when you have one narrowed down someone says “don’t go there, they blew up Jim Bobs motor back in ninety two!” And every American has something to say about someone as we all know. So in the beginning there we were… belly up with a Drag car and the worse thing of all not knowing how to fix it or having any family or friends with the knowledge of anything remotely close to race engines. The definition of a race engine was once described to me by a great friend and racer Mark McMillian. "A race engine is 40 lbs. of s*** in a 5 pound bag so you better have things right or else."
So then we picked up a flyer at Smokin MoKan one night, that had a number on it YEOMAN RACE ENGINES (620) 783-5041. I called it the next day with the wife’s approval of course, and talked with with Jerry Yeoman. I spoke with him for about an hour. We covered everything. For someone to take the time especially not knowing the other person and formulate some kind of a template or blueprint on what to do was over and beyond in my opinion. I ended up taking our engine over to Jerry & Jon. We talked back and forth a lot in the few weeks they had it. We could not wait to get it back. Then we did!
The first time we put it on the track at MoKan it ran like a totally new car. Its first time out we gained 1 second! We went nuts, and like all “real” racers the record time we had put down for our car wasn’t fast enough. We only wanted to go even faster! Since then we have knocked a lot more time off! We will continue to do so with the outstanding help from guys at DynaTech. If you are looking for improvements to your engine or high performance, you should give them a call! Ask anyone that has the YEOMAN sticker on their car or trailer what they think. In the short amount of time I have known Jerry Yeoman, we have become good friends. We have learned more than the brain can absorb in one sitting about engines and racing. The man is a Legend and has more experience in racing and racing engines then most people ever see. Not to mention all of trophy’s, plaques and Wally’s that line his shop walls and shelves.
We are thankful for all the help from Yeoman racing and can’t say it enough! If you haven’t heard of them, you should give them a call and good luck and safe racing!
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