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Motorcycle parings

Post by Carl Blanton » Fri Jun 04, 2010 9:41 pm

Effective immediately, the motorcycle pairings for NAPA Brackets series events, and all Mo-Kan Bracket races will be as follows;

After time runs, the computer will generate a PRO ladder based on reactions times. If there is an odd number in round one, the computer will pick the best R.T. for the bye run. It will be mandatory that the selected bike take the bye run.

Just as we do with the cars, the fast dial will go to the right lane in round one, and left in round two, and so forth.

After round one, parings will be from the round sheet, with the first winner running the second winner, etc., for round two, the round sheet will also be used to pair the loser’s side of the bracket, from those that buy back.

We are going to try reading dials from the bikes, so it will not be necessary to bring them to the tower, A dial board on the wheelie bars on side of the bike works best, but we will work with the bikes to determine the best placement, and shoe polish will be fine if we can see it from the tower. As always, it will be up to the racer to check their dial before you run.

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