Laying hens-large brown egg layers

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Laying hens-large brown egg layers

Postby kansas_buick on Tue Jul 15, 2014 7:31 am

Selling 9 hens from my flock to make room for new pullets. All hens are 3 years old and have been through the molt. Fully feathered and started laying again. Big, beautiful, friendly, healthy hens that eat from our hands.

-7 Rhode Island Reds
-2 Black *** Links/Black Stars

I have had these birds since hatch. Hate to use the term "show quality" but these hens would be hard to beat. No antibiotics, no hormones, never been off the farm so they haven't been exposed to diseases. Sell for $12 each or $10 if you take them all. May trade for 410 shotgun for my son, prefer a single shot.

Call or text for a quick reply 620-429-6198.
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